Management Couple

Welcomes You

Ron and Margaret Gratzinger have a wealth of experience as individuals, but, for over 12 years now, have successfully pooled their skills in the resort and community management arena.

Please take a moment to view our site and learn a bit about us and the properties we have managed individually and together as a couple. We bring to each and every property we manage – professionalism, enthusiasm and the experience necessary to produce the results expected by property owners and desired by guests

“Perfection in Paradise”


We arrived on the Island by helicopter transfer and that was a great choice. It takes about 30 minutes from the domestic terminal at Nadi airport to fly over to the resort and well worth it, for the views of the main island and then the crystal clear water and reefs. We landed on a small area on the island and are greeted by Margaret and Ron (Managers of the Resort) and its from that moment, You know that everything is going to be special.



My husband and I spent our honeymoon here, and we loved every minute of it! Margaret, Ron, and the rest of the staff were absolutely phenomenal, and we are so thankful to everyone there for making our stay so memorable.

“Tropical Island Paradise”


The Management- The Managers (husband and wife) were excellent, making us feel welcomed from the moment we arrived. When one small dietary issue came up they handled it appropriately and fast.

Our Core Values:

"We display fairness and integrity, and foster mutual trust and care in our dealings with our employees, our business partners and our clients"

"We try to deal with others, as we would want them to deal with us, and others"

"We foster the development of all our employees; we respect each other’s contribution and importance"

"We are continuously evolving and striving to better ourselves through a passion for self-improvement and learning"

"We create a sense of pride and a feeling of “ownership” amongst our staff/hosts and each stride to own and immediately resolve guest problems"

"We are in harmony with the environment and our cultural surroundings"

"We contribute our resources, both financial and human to help better the environment and the community, which we live in"

"We are creative and innovative"

"We create a work environment of teamwork and imaginative service so that the needs of our guests and each other are met"

"We are involved in the planning of the work that affects us"

"We believe in Intelligent Luxury, Innovative style, Redefining Experiences and Balancing Senses"

"We really enjoy ourselves and our work"

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